Mind, Intellect + Emotions

Mind, Intellect + Emotions: 47 ways to de-stress

Wellbeing is being at home in your body and mind. For me, it’s about feeling a sense of calm, being at ease and feeling content with where I am right now, at this very moment. No bullshit, no gimmicks. There’a a shitload of reasons why stress and anxiety can creep into your day to day and for me over the years these have been many and varied.

I went to a talk last night by a well known nutritional biochemist. I’ve seen her before and she’s good. I’m a common sense girl, and ideas need to be backed up by science for me and this particular woman knows her shit. Especially when it comes to the biomechanics of our hormones and our minds.

One thing that struck me though, was that I was listening to advice on stress from a woman who had no dependants and clearly no financial limitations or concerns. She spoke about the day to day stresses of the modern woman. Kids, family, work… all the things that need to be done… emails… but nowhere did she mention some of the things that many us us deal with on the daily.

The whole busy woman syndrome thing is interesting. Yep, I reckon a lot of women, and men, go from one thing to the next, work commitments, kids commitments, home commitments. The never ending cycle of soccer practice, doctors visits, work deadlines and time pressures. Some of that in my opinion is a choice. You choose to let your kid do ALL THE THINGS. They probably don’t want to do it anyway. And, no they are not going to be the next All Black/ Silver Fern/ Black Cap…. We made a choice in our family to let our kids do things they really wanted to and quit the rest. But I digress.

Thing is. Nowhere did she mention the stresses that are not one offs, or life events… things like, the unrelenting sleep deprivation that goes along with babies and toddlers, the daily struggle of raising neuro-atypical children, the stress of caring for dependants who are chronically or critically ill. You can’t self talk your way out of theses stresses.

Yet, she did make a great point. That stress has a direct opposite and that was in fact, trust. And I’d go so far as to say that when we trust our abilities, our bodies and our own minds to walk through the hand that life deals us, we are in fact lifted up and buoyed by the power within us.

I created a list of good shit that can help in meaningful ways a while back. When the shit hits the fan, it’s good to have a go to list of things you can do that will make a difference.

These are meaningful and purposeful things you can turn to at any time to calm your mind and bring about a sense of wellbeing. None are an immediate elixir by themselves but when you routinely practice a handful of these on the regular, you’ll start to know which ones bring you peace.

Some might seem a bit woo woo for some of you, but trust me!

For me, when I’ve had a stressful day, I go to bed with 30, 34 and 35! On the daily, I walk, do yoga and (try to) cut out inflammatory foods.

Beautiful header flower photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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