Mind, Intellect + Emotions

Mind, Intellect & Emotions: Be kind, be gracious, be gentle

It’s OK to sit in discomfort… for while… It’s OK  to feel your grief, sadness, fear. For a time. But don’t stay there too long.

Move forward. Decide who you want to be in this time of turmoil and uncertainty. 

Find yourself, your true self and show up for your family, and the world as the real you. 

Let go of your need for control and hold on tight to that which you can. Uncertainty is the norm and that too, is OK.

Be at peace with the ebb and flow of daily life as it is right now. Be kind, be gracious, be present. Be your best self. The world needs the best you.

Cry if you need to. Be mad too. Then breathe, be your best self and carry on, gently, step by step. Kia kaha 💛

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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